Assistant Director of Nursing

Job Summary

The ADON is responsible for the daily operations of the nursing staff including medical assistants, medical administrative assistants and nurses. The ADON will work closely with other ADON staff to divide equally the jobs listed below by department, for clinical work, and by responsibility for administrative work.


Bachelor of Nursing required, valid and unencumbered Massachusetts RN license. 5 years of nursing experience required.  Leadership/management experience preferred. ADON must demonstrate excellent organization and attention to detail, ability of follow specific instructions, ability to communicate well across many socio-economic and educational backgrounds and a desire to lead and mentor others. 

Representative Job Duties

Clinical Work

  • Coordinated with Practice Manager to ensure Provider vs. Medical Assistant/RN/MAA ratio is safe and efficient
  • Coordinates with Nursing Administrative Assistant to create daily assignment schedule and make scheduling decisions
  • Coordinates with the Clinical Director any changing staffing needs
  • Maintains nursing staff through appropriate recruitment
  • Supervises nursing staff on a daily basis and is accessible at all times to nursing staff
  • Rounds daily on each department
  • Ensures clinical standards of care are maintained and workflow is smooth
  • Establishes staff education programs and alerts staff to continuing education opportunities
  • Coordinates with Lead Medical Assistants to ensure lunches and breaks are being assigned on Daily Staffing Sheet and taken on time and at times that minimize interruption to clinic work flow
  • Provides direct patient care and is responsible for patient assessment and treatment as needed
  • Fills in on nursing desktops, front desks or MA tasks as required to cover short term staffing shortages.
  • Ensures all Nursing Department staff consistently provide excellent customer service
  • Works with other nursing leadership to ensure uniformity in training across nursing staff and consistent execution of MA, MAA and RN jobs
  • Monitors work documented in EHR for evidence that vital signs are being assessed consistently and correctly and that protocols are being followed by all nursing staff
  • Responds to all emergencies and assigns a medical response team to attend these emergencies each day
  • Monitors lead medical assistants and ensures they are executing various tasks of LMA according to job description
  • Addresses patient complaints, performance, poor customer service, patient safety issues, HIPAA violations within the nursing department


Administrative Work

  • Oversees payroll input and monitoring of overtime, time sheets, vacation and sick time as performed by Nursing Administrative Assistant
  • Works to ensure that nursing related patient complaints are handled in a thorough and timely fashion
  • Facilitates monthly staffing meetings for each job role across departments ,with additional meetings as needing to ensure staff are up and fully trained and informed about job requirements and Nursing Department happenings
  • Attends and contributes to other health center wide meetings as needed
  • Collaborates with Clinical Director and Director of Performance Improvement for implementation of new or updated procedures
  • Monitors daily POCT documentation and compliance
  • Coordinates with Lab Manager to facilitate yearly POCT competencies
  • Oversees compliance with medication and sterilization protocols
  • Ensures all nursing staff are up to date with required competencies including: age specific skills, equipment, sterilization, peak flow, spirometry, IV certification, BLS, Licensure and CEU’s
  • Runs monthly compliance rounds in each clinical department (including Eye and Dental)
  • Oversees hand hygiene monitoring
  • Coordinates with HR to ensure employee health requirements are met by all staff
  • Sends monthly infection control reports to BMC
  • Attends infection control meetings at BMC
  • Coordinates ordering of medications and immunizations with departmental nurses in a systematic manner
  • Coordinates with Central Supplies personnel to ensure adequate stocking of necessary clinical supplies
  • Organizes and monitors new employee orientation
  • Creates or updates employee orientation manuals, protocols and competencies as needed
  • Coordinates training of new nursing staff and ensure nursing staff are adequately trained before working independently
  • Attends New Employee Orientation twice monthly
  • Coordinates with nursing instructors for nursing student clinical placements/experiences


Competitive benefits package.  Tuition assistance available after 1 year of service.

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