RN-OBOT and BU CHAMPS Care Coordinator

Job Summary

The Registered Nurse promotes and restores patient’s health in the area of opioid addiction as she/he provides, delegates, evaluates and coordinates comprehensive professional nursing care through the use of the nursing process for patients of all ages, gender, cultures, and background; provide physical and psycho-social support to patients, friends, and families. This individual may oversee clinical care of other personnel including Medical Assistants.

This position works closely with prescribing medical providers and others on the OBOT healthcare team and maintains all necessary documentation.  In addition, this position will work directly with Dr. Heather Miselis, Principal Investigator of Project BU CHAMPs (Boston University Community Health Alliance of Medical Professionals) a grant-funded group that has implemented an interprofessional care clinic (ICC) that provides care for complex patients at the community health center. This position is a grant-funded position.


Degree from an accredited school of registered nursing; active license for Registered nurse in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Representative Job Duties

  • Assists provider with initial patient assessment and intake obtaining social, medical, mental health, substance use and medication history.                  
  • Reviews intake assessment with OBOT clinical team to review patients’ condition, readiness, and eligibility for OBOT to establish appropriate plan of care for patient.               
  • Ensures collaboration, communication, and participates in meetings with OBOT and BU CHAMPs team as needed and required.                
  • Provides ongoing education and proactive support of patients and coordination of services.         
  • Assists in creation of clinical forms.                   
  • Completes appropriate documentation with excellent record keeping.                  
  • Engages in meetings and other communication methods as needed.                   
  • Collects pertinent data using appropriate assessment techniques.                       
  • Consistently uses clear concise and effective communication written/oral and comply with departmental policies when sharing/documenting relevant patient data            
  • Collects specimens (such as oral swabs); takes clinical actions per protocol                    
  • Works with the pharmacy and the OBOT clinic team in obtaining medication orders, prescription refills, and communication as needed.                   
  • Assists in counseling patients regarding relapse prevention and pharmacotherapy.                      
  • Provides follow-up patient care in person and via telephone when needed and assistance with scheduling clinical visits for both OBOT and ICC patients.   
  • Assists in other primary care and addiction related projects.                   
  • Collects data on new patients, quarterly and at discharge; submit this data as required.                
  • Assist in phone triage including prescription refills as needed, follow up of test results, critical values, medical issues and care coordination.   
  • Reviews departmental goals with each patient care giver to facilitate role and clinical expertise.                
  • Personally evaluates departmental acuity based on review of provider schedules when making staffing decisions.                    
  • Conducts frequent rounds Infection Control/Environmental/ Safety to ensure compliance with the Joint Commission, DPH and BPHC.               
  • Informs the DON of any anticipated and/or actual issues/ problems.                    
  • Maintains currency with respect to all new policies and procedures published.                 
  • Monitors implementation of all organizational policies, primarily clinical practice standards by direct observation and interaction with the nursing staff.                
  • Demonstrates critical thinking skills, derives and documents appropriate diagnoses from patient and family assessment.                
  • Consistently monitors compliance with standards of care by observation, verbal reports and written documentation; regularly gives feedback to staff as appropriate.  Assists in the development of a plan to increase compliance and implements actions to correct deficiencies.      
  • Anticipates potential problem situations and intervenes to offset any adverse impact.                   
  • Responds to all emergencies and disasters within the organization.                    
  • Fosters exceptional public relations for the Health Center.   


Competitive benefits package.  Generous tuition assistance after 1 year of service.

Please send resumes to:

Email | hr@sbchc.org