SBCHC: Gone Paperless

Electronic Health Records: One of the many ways South Boston Community Health Center is improving the quality of your care.

 “Why is my doctor typing when I am trying to talk to her”? That’s a question that was recently asked by one of our patients. What many people don’t realize is that South Boston Community Health Center was ahead of the pack when it came to transitioning from old paper charts to an Electronic Health Record. So when your provider is running through some questions with you at the keyboard, they’re not just typing - they are entering vital health information into your medical record. But our patient raised an important point. Most people are unaware of the Electronic Health Record and why it is so important.

An Electronic Health Record is a digital version of the old paper charts used in many medical offices.

The Electronic Health Record (EHR) holds the patient’s medical and treatment histories and can be accessed by the provider and others on the care team. The EHR allows a provider to track your health data over time. This makes it easier to identify when patients are due for preventative screenings, check how patients are doing on certain parameters such as blood pressure readings or vaccines, allows the provider to check medication lists, and monitor and improve the overall quality of care.

When providers prescribe medication through the EHR, drug allergies and drug interactions can be prevented. At South Boston Community Health Center, we have the added bonus of an on-site pharmacy. That means your prescription can be sent electronically to our pharmacy during your appointment, and can be picked up on the first floor on your way out the door.

And when you're visiting a specialist, hospital, nursing home or different state, your medical and treatment histories will travel with you. The system allows for health records to move with the patient guaranteeing higher levels of quality service, wherever you receive care.

The EHR makes the process of record keeping easier, more accurate, and more efficient. It eliminates illegible handwriting and allows storage of more of your health information in one place. The Electronic Health Record technology used at South Boston Community Health Center is secure so your information is well protected.

A patient can retrieve their health history at any time, by filing a request with our Medical Records department. Whether you need your child’s immunization record or a copy of your physical, it can be retrieved from the EHR.

South Boston Community Health Center was proud to have been a leader in the adoption of the Electronic Health Record. We continue to look for ways to improve your experience and overall health.

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