Starting Solids Primer: Part 2

Jocelyn Guggenheim
This is part two of our Starting Solids Primer. In part one we discussed when to start solids. Click here to start there. So you’ve determined your baby and you are both ready for them to start solids, and now [...]

Keeping Your Mouth Healthy When You're Pregnant

Jonathan Foster DMD
Let’s face it, oral hygiene can be hard for lots of us. After a long day at work we want to sleep, eat or relax. It’s hard to make brushing and flossing a priority. This gets even harder for pregnant women. [...]

What I'm Reading

Kim Harrison
Just when I wasn’t looking for it, the title “Gist: The Essence of Raising Life-Ready Kids” by Michael Anderson and Tim Johanson, popped up on my Hoopla (my public library’s digital borrowing service) account [...]
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