Telemedicine at South Boston Community Health Center


What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine, Telehealth and Virtual Visits are terms you might have been hearing a lot about since the beginning of the COVID19 pandemic. Are you unsure what those terms mean? We are here to help.

Telemedicine (or Telehealth) allows you and your provider to have a medical or behavioral health visit without having to leave your home. Your visit will take place through a secure video chat or over the phone. A virtual visit is important to help maintain your ongoing health and to be able to address issues that may arise without having to expose yourself to others.

South Boston Community Health Center is pleased to be able to offer these virtual visits for our patients. You may want to use a virtual visit to address:

  • Symptoms you are having that might necessitate testing for COVID 19
  • Skin concerns
  • Follow-up behavioral health appointments for issues such as anxiety, depression or for a medication follow up
  • Medication follow-up visits for asthma, acne, birth control
  • Seasonal allergy or food allergy concerns
  • Nutrition concerns
  • Any other non-COVID 19 related appointment that cannot happen at the health center for safety reasons.


How do I make a Telemedicine Appointment?

All appointments for Telemedicine start the same way - with a call to the health center at 617-269-7500. Our staff will give you a scheduled time for your appointment as they do with any other medical appointment at the health center. 


Do I need special equipment for the Virtual Visit?

All you need is a smartphone, tablet, or a computer. We recommend using a smartphone or tablet for virtual visits. For these devices, you will need to download the MyChart app and Zoom app ahead of time. You can also use a laptop or computer but will need to make sure your laptop or computer has a camera attached. For these devices, you’ll just need to navigate to and log in to your MyChart account.

If you don’t have a MyChart account already, you can call the health center and we can help you establish an account. Other than that, no special equipment is required.

A Telehealth visit over the phone is also an option for you if you don’t have the ability to conduct a virtual visit. For these visits, you will simply need a phone.

Please remember that urgent and essential health appointments will still be taking place at the health center.


Some helpful materials for you to prepare and set up your visit:


PDF icon Telemedicine Guide.pdf



PDF icon FAQ About Telemedicine.pdf



PDF icon Getting Ready For Your Appointment.pdf