Youth Ambassadors Urge Their Friends to "Get Vax'd"

  • Get Vax'd!

    SBCHC Youth Ambassadors Urge their friends to "Get Vax'd"

Wellness Tips

  • Before You Head to the Emergency Room, Call Us.
    We have Providers on call 24/7
  • Child Tax Credit: What Parents & Guardians Need to Know
    This year, you may qualify for more $$$
  • PARENTS & CAREGIVERS: Access free child care while you get your COVID-19 Vaccine
    From now until July 4, 2021

SBCHC Spotlight

  • SBCHC Recieves National Recognition
    Health Center Quality Leader
  • Dr. TJ Schuch Receives National Recognition for Contributions to Preventing HPV Cancers
    Cancer Prevention Champion
  • MassHealth Plan Switch Deadline!
    Want to see a provider at SBCHC?

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What You're Saying

  • There’s an emphasis on education here. Dr. Chiakpo and Marianna (a nurse in training) provided a lot of background concerning my issue and even brought in diagrams, which I greatly appreciated, since I’m a visual learner. They both gave me space to ask questions on everything. I really appreciated the time they spent with me.
    Family Medicine Patient