Youth Ambassadors Program

Working with the youth of South Boston to enhance the health and wellness of our community in a unique and exciting way.

Since 2004, our Youth Ambassadors Program (YAP) has been a resource for teens to explore the realms of health, art, and community service.

The goals of YAP is to raise awareness about community and health related topics, to engage youth in positive and fun activities, and to empower them to take on leadership roles. The program engages teens, between the ages of 12 and 18. 

Members attend weekly meetings and workshops, in addition to a variety of events that YAP organizes, including community service projects, art programs, academic support, and so much more.

During meetings, students take part in discussions regarding issues prevalent in the community, such as substance abuse or bullying, or health related topics such as sexually transmitted infections (STIs) or teen pregnancy. In addition to being educated on the subject, they further discuss resistance/prevention strategies and participate in leadership training workshops. With the resources and opportunities they're given, the teens are equipped to translate this information to their peers, becoming assets to our mission and our society.

Their mission takes them throughout South Boston where they take part in neighborhood beautification projects that include street clean-ups and planting/maintaining local community gardens.

For enrollment questions or further detail, please contact:


Phone | 617-464-7463
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