Tips for Soothing Pandemic Anxiety

Kate Moschandreas
If you have felt an uptick in your stress levels during the pandemic, you are not alone. The Covid-19 pandemic has unleashed an obnoxiously long list of new things to worry about: concerns about our own health [...]

5 Tips to Handle Emotional Eating

Alyssa Principe
As we are being asked to stay home and limit our social interaction there is no doubt a rise in stress and anxiety levels throughout our neighborhood. These uncertain times can bring forth negative emotions, [...]

Primary Care During the Covid Crisis: Telemedicine is in full swing at SBCHC!

Jocelyn Guggenheim
Amidst the 2019 coronavirus pandemic we know our patients are suddenly faced with countless questions. Not the least of these is whether it is safe, or even possible to get their basic medical needs taken care [...]