Newborns, Visitors and COVID-19: When can I hold your baby?

Jocelyn Guggenheim
In the nearly 2 decades I have spent working with new parents, I can’t remember a time when the question about who should be allowed around a newborn was so complicated. We have always wanted to keep new [...]

Tips for Soothing Pandemic Anxiety

Kate Moschandreas
If you have felt an uptick in your stress levels during the pandemic, you are not alone. The Covid-19 pandemic has unleashed an obnoxiously long list of new things to worry about: concerns about our own health [...]

5 Tips to Handle Emotional Eating

Alyssa Principe
As we are being asked to stay home and limit our social interaction there is no doubt a rise in stress and anxiety levels throughout our neighborhood. These uncertain times can bring forth negative emotions, [...]