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Primary Care During the Covid Crisis: Telemedicine is in full swing at SBCHC!

By: Jocelyn Guggenheim

Amidst the 2019 coronavirus pandemic we know our patients are suddenly faced with countless questions. Not the least of these is whether it is safe, or even possible to get their basic medical needs taken care of. The answer from those of us working at South Boston Community Health Center is yes, absolutely. And we really hope you will.

While hospitals prepare to care for critically ill patients during the coronavirus pandemic those of us in primary care, especially in the community health center, have worked quickly to be sure that our patients receive what they need most: their regular primary care. Hopefully very few individuals will ultimately get sick with coronavirus (also known as COVID-19) but lots of people will have other medical needs. Whether this is a check in with their primary care provider (PCP) about a chronic illness, or a new problem, like a sinus infection or broken leg, as PCPs we know our patients depend on us for most of their basic, essential health care.

We have worked around-the-clock to ensure that our patients are able to access their PCP safely and quickly, whether they have symptoms they worry may be coronavirus, or are totally unrelated concern.

Although we are still seeing sick and well patients at the Health Center (carefully separated so that the sick don’t get sicker and the well stay that way), we are relying most on telehealth visits!

A telehealth visit is a visit done by phone or by video! All of our PCPs are available for telehealth visits. So now may actually be the best time to check in about your concerns. This is particularly true for patients with chronic medical conditions, as they are at the highest risk for complications from COVID-19.

SBCHC providers are urging patients not to let their necessary medical visits and routine care slide during the outbreak. All services that would normally be provided in-person can now be accessed virtually (with the exception of routine dental care and eyecare) and there is no copay for a telehealth visit. And we especially want you to call if you think you could have the coronavirus. We will do everything we can to keep patients out of the hospital, a vital step to beating this disease.

For patients that are interested in having a virtual appointment all you need is a phone. And if you have a computer with a camera you can even do the appointment by video!

To make an appointment, or for any technical questions before your appointment, just give us a call at our main number: 617-269-7500.

Whatever you need during this time we want you to know we are here for you. So please, let us know how we can help. And stay safe Southie!

Jocelyn Guggenheim

Jocelyn Guggenheim

Jocelyn Guggenheim RN, CPNP, IBCLC is a pediatric nurse practitioner as well as the Chief Operating Officer and Director of the Pediatric Department at South Boston Community Health Center. She runs the New Moms Group and sees primary care patients from newborns to 21 years old in Pediatrics. Want to know more? Click here for more info or to schedule an appointment with her today!